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"...Digital Signage - the hidden gem of advertising..."

New? We have been offering our services for over 25 years.

Back in 1989, we already knew how to attract customers with emotive video content, getting attention at the POS and encourage sales. It started out with a small tube TV and a VHS player in Passau. Sunny holiday images combined with cheap travel deals flickered through our travel agency windows around the clock. Not long untill we saw success in travel-willing customers as the bookings increased significantly. Naturally, this innovative form of marketing did not remain unnoticed. Other travel agencies as well as petrol stations, pharmacies and hardware stores showed interest. KERMAX became the first Digital Signage agency in Germany and had to expand after only 6 months to meet demands. Today, KERMAX is one of the leading agencies in the field of networked visual and digitized information.

Join our ever growing list of clients such as DER, DERPART, RT REISEN und LUFTHANSA...

...and gain the edge in a competitive market.

We have been operating one of the largest digital signage networks in Germany since 2007. Over 1,600 screens are currently (as of 2016) in use throughout Germany. As sales force agency, partner of leading tourism organisations, we continuously develop our service ReisebueroTV (“TravelTV”) and expand its range.

8 out of a 1000 Opportunities

It has become extremely complex and versatile to digitally accompany customer decisions during their User Journey at the POS. Our expertise lies within the adaptation and creation of marketing-relevant advertising content as well as the required hard- and software supply.

Corporate & Campus Communications

Small Signage
at POS & POI

Menu Boards within System Catering Concepts

Information and Advertising Displays

Interactive Displays

Produkt Presentation Store Front

Video Walls

Individual Solutions
such as TV & DS-Combinations

What we offer

Advisory & Strategy

As a strategic agency partner we guarantee delivery security. We are a direct point of contact for marketing professionals and offer fixed quotas for long-term budget planning, content distribution packages, hardware and content editing as well as authoring.

Modules & Packages

You choose the service package you want. Marketing-strategic content development or editing, targeted schedule creation or a holistic "out-of-the-box" solution. Regional, national or international - our professionals have got you covered.

Set-up and Support

Our goal is to efficiently deliver and display your advertising message at the POI / POS. As the professional agency partner for your campaign we consistently assist with our own experienced technical team in order to provide the latest technical implementation and outstanding customer support.

"Our digital signage system
is kept up-to-date with the latest content"

Harald Reischel (CEO of KERMAX) interviewed by Invidis.

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